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Project Red Podcast EP#7 | Michael Cordova, Floating Point Center

July 31, 2020

Michael Cordova is the co-founder of Floating Point Float Centre in Pangbourne, UK. He has 

been floating since 2010 and racked up around 800hrs of floating in that time. In 2017 he 

gave the world’s first TEDx Talk on Floatation Therapy and regularly appears on BBC Radio 

Berkshire’s wellbeing panel. He has also given talks on the benefits of Floatation in the UK 

and recently became the first UK Board Member of the Floatation Tank Association. 

Michael has a great interest in optimisation including mental and physical performance and 

how floating can play an important part in improving oneself, even tracking his full sleep 

cycle during an 7hr overnight Float session using the Oura Ring and helping to co-ordinate 

research studies. Michael has supported a number of elite athletes since 2011 through 

floatation therapy including the current Associate Partners the British Rowing Team 

supporting the Olympic Athletes with recovery and performance.  



Michael’s favourite book - The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Michael’s favourite hack - Infrared sauna with red light therapy

Michael’s favorite tech - Heart Math brain entrainment


Michael’s TedX Talk on Floating  -

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