The Project Red Podcast

Project Red Podcast EP#3 | Bart Wolbers

June 24, 2020

"Bart has completed a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy, and three Master's degrees in Clinical Health Science, Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. After starting out as a blogger in 2018, Bart sold his business and has now moved on to functional medicine consulting."

NutrEval test: (again, plainly following the outcome on that test won't give you the advice you need)


Noise pollution study from the WHO, that talks about the most important factors:


Decibel meter app: "Sound Meter" (it's a dutch one), but most apps if you search for "decibel" are great.


Study about indoor pollutants re-circulating:


Mouth and nasal breathing in sleep difference:


Critique of Judgment book:

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